There’s a rumbling… not just in stomachs, but in the hearts and minds of foodies and activists across the globe. It seems to have started  (as many things do) from a niggling dissatisfaction around what passes as good food these days.

I spend way more time than I used to read the fine print on labels in the supermarket, which increasingly results in a deep sigh and a replacing of the item back on the shelf.  Squint at the tiny print, sigh, replace, repeat. Corn syrup – boo! Palm oil – boo! You know I could go on and on here… But the meat section, not much in the way of labels there. Should be pretty straight forward… If the chicken says un-medicated I’m sure it’s fine, and lean red meat is such a great source of iron and protein right?

The sad fact is industrial agricultural practices have been flying under the radar for far too long. Meat production (beef in particular) is having a huge impact on the planet. Extraordinary amounts of land and water resources are dedicated to not just raising, but feeding the miserable medicated creatures that wind up between hamburger buns across the globe.

On one hand, I feel compelled to bombard you with reports, research, facts and figures about methane, gas flushing, and water politics, to support my wild assertions, but I’m aware of the fatigue and despair that comes with wading through all that information.

It’s hard to know what and who to believe. I find myself trusting my gut more (not just figuratively). Apparently, our guts are smarter than perhaps many of us have given them credit for, (thanks to the discovery of complex neural networks in there). My stomach and my hands are building a relationship. Everything I take the time to make with my own hands seems to be receiving a ringing endorsement from my belly, and the bellies of those I share my food with.

Time is short, and attention spans even shorter, so I’ll steal another precious moment to plant a seed before that feeling descends, the one that’s a combination of overwhelm, angst, powerlessness, and complacency; a seed that reminds you how powerful the simple exercise of choice can be.

Take back power over your table. Consider a reduction in mass-produced meat, starting with beef. Support alternative proteins. And when you buy meat, buy it from folks who care about their animals.  As a rough guide, the smaller the animal, the smaller the carbon footprint.  It doesn’t get much smaller (or more nutritious than crickets). Tiny feet, tiny footprint. I’ve been working with cricket protein for a couple of years now and shared it with friends, especially the gym nerds, who are always looking for smart ways to sneak more protein into their diets, to support their shiny new muscles. I’ve become quite adept at blending spices to balance the earthiness into delicious combinations that are easy to use.

The food revolution has begun, it’s slow and steady, one mouthful at a time. I’m hungry for change, for connection, for better health that doesn't cost an arm and a leg, and a planet. Join us, and put the future where your mouth is.

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