You’ve probably heard the term food security before, but perhaps ideas about what those threats actually look like are worth revisiting at this time.

The simple version centres around there not being enough food to feed a growing population, with protein in particular predicted to be in short supply. Scarcity isn’t something most developed countries have really considered or imagined until well… toilet paper, closely followed by flour and pasta. The idea that we might have to do more with less in the future, is worth getting your head around. Maybe it's something to ponder on while you're lined up outside at the supermarket.

There are new threats on the horizon that highlight how vulnerable the links in our food chain really are. While unstable climate conditions present known challenges for farmers struggling to keep enough food on their own tables, current restrictions on travel into Canada due to Covid-19 could impact food production here before it even begins. Temporary foreign workers make up a considerable part of the work force when it comes to planting in addition to harvesting crops. If we can’t get enough hands on deck to plant the seeds before the summer, the harvest won’t be lean, it’ll be non-existent. 

Leap protein seasoning provides a new solution keeping the  protein in your diet clean, lean and reliable. In development for last 18 months, the time is right to reimagine what good health looks like for you and those you care about.  You can add shelf stable, sustainable, whole food protein to the foods you all ready love to make, with a mediterranean inspired all purpose seasoning that’s packed with protein, fibre, iron & calcium.  Get the jump on meeting your proteins needs in challenging times. Leap all purpose protein seasoning, is a nutrient rich addition to eggs, veggies, and grains. Meeting your protein needs today and far in to the future.  It is the future, of sustainable protein.


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