Sustainable, nutrient-rich, simple.

Blended for great taste and versatility, you'll wonder what took you so long to get on board.


  1. The crickets we source (Acheta domesticus) are raised and processed in Canada and meet the highest standards for insect farming and food safety.
  2. Our seasonings are low calorie and high in protein.
  3. Our seasonings contain no added sugar, soy, gluten or nuts.
  4. Cricket protein is a whole food, full of bioavailable nutrients. 
  5. They include pre-biotics, all 9 amino acids, iron, calcium, potassium & B vitamins.
  6. The seasonings contain 30-40% cricket protein. 
  7. The rest consists of spices, herbs and 5% natural salts (such as pink rock salt, grey sea salt, and black lava salt).
  8. There's roughly 3.5 grams of protein per tablespoon.


    *if you have a shellfish allergy, you may react to cricket protein

    *Our seasonings do not contain gluten, but traces of gluten may be present in the cricket protein 

    • GMO-free
    • Paleo & Keto-friendly
    • Planet-friendly


    1. Make popcorn! Use butter or olive oil and sprinkle Tube A liberally.
    2. You can sprinkle Tube A on most things right away.
    3. A heaped teaspoon of Tube A or B will jazz up your scrambled eggs. 
    4. Grab an avocado and sprinkle seasoning over, or mash onto toast.
    5. Add a spoonful of any blend to roasted/boiled/mashed potatoes.
    6. Coat veggies like cauliflower and squash in oil and seasoning and bake.
    7. Coat tofu in coconut oil and seasoning and stir fry or bake.
    8. Add to soups, and stews or anywhere seasonings are welcome.
    9. Tube B works wonders in curries.
    10. Excellent addition to taco fillings.
    11. Use as a rub for fish or chicken, Tube C is our favorite with fish.



    Eggs are an easy place to start a new habit. Cook-off 2 slices of turkey bacon with bell peppers and kale, followed by a scoop of Test Tube A. Pour in two of your best eggs, mixing it gently on low heat until it looks yummy. Multi-task! Warm-up the tortilla and spread with avocado and smoked cricket salt, (no you don't have that in your kit, because we already know you're going to love it). ​Assemble the tortilla with scramble, and or sour cream & hot sauce.    A good way to start a day!


    Work with what you have, a pizza base, pita bread, naan or Turkish flatbread. Brush the surface and underside lightly with olive oil. Sprinkle Test Tube A over it. Get your oven hot. ​Combine fresh ricotta cheese in a bowl with a scoop of Test Tube A, and a splash more olive oil. Mix well. Taste it, and remember more seasoning equals more protein and goodness.  ​Spread evenly over the base. Layer the surface with capers, fresh (or dried) oregano leaves and cherry tomatoes. Bake until the edges are crisp and irresistible. ​​


    You can't go wrong with potatoes and protein! Boil whole local potatoes, then quarter, (careful hot potato!)  and transfer to an oven tray. Coat with olive oil or some kind of tasty fat and a good scoop of Test Tube A or C. Toss well, vigorously even, along with some fresh rosemary,  (if you have it, or garlic). Get those battered spuds into a hot oven and bake until you have some crunchy parts and some soft parts. 


    More protein with less meat. That's our aim. We've added Test tube B to ramp up the flavour and goodness in these turkey meatballs.  Finely chop the following and mix well through ground turkey or chicken: onion, garlic, jalapeno peppers, cilantro. Add bread crumbs and a good dash of olive oil to bind it. Squish together well with your hands before shaping into balls. bake in a moderate oven and keep turning them until they're brown.  Heat up your favourite homemade or pre-made tomato sauce with a scoop of smoked paprika and serve over the meatballs.


    There are lots of variation on this soup out there, but they tend to go a little something like this. Soften onion and garlic in a pot with coconut oil and test tube B or C. Follow with chopped green things, like broccoli, spinach, and kale. Toss around a bit before adding stock and cooking until tender. Blend and stir through a little coconut milk to make it silky and lush. Top with yogurt, your favourite herbs, and diced tomato. ​​


    We protein boosted this recipe from 40Aprons and the paleo folks, adding zest and a couple extra grams of protein. ​Sauté onion & garlic with a couple of teaspoons of Tube B. Add tinned or par-boiled chickpeas and a cup of diced tomatoes. Let it simmer as long as you can wait, then add a small tin of coconut cream/milk, a squeeze of lime juice and a handful of cilantro. Serve on brown rice or grain of choice.