The founders of LEAP Cricket Powder Proteins: Carmen Ostrander &Shannon Farley

“We are the place where fast and slow meet”. Leap proteins is the lovechild of slow food and high performance, embodied in the founders Carmen Ostrander & Shannon Farley.

In August of 2018 Shannon was 3 years into a knee surgery gone wrong, that left her 30+ pounds overweight, with limited mobility and questionable balance. Not the life she saw for herself in her 40’s. She realized she could either keep doing what she was doing and slide into compromised health and unhappiness, or commit to taking her life back. Shannon dove head first into fitness (@fit-ilicious) doing all the things it’s suggested we do when we want to be fit and healthy. All manner of diets, plans, powders and supplements failed to deliver sustainable results or stick, despite her best efforts. Working-out alone didn’t do the job, calorie counting didn’t work and ideas about nutrition were full of contradictions. There was no ‘quick fix’. It would take time to learn what her body needed, and unlearn much of what she grew up believing. Through careful home cooking and a growing awareness of macro-nutrition, Shannon realized that food was at the centre of everything. It was food that fuelled her workouts, nourished her body, focused her mind, and fed her relationships. Food was at the centre of the transformation she was looking for.

Coming from a European hospitality family, Carmen is no stranger to putting foreign and delicious things in her mouth. In 2005 she spent her days convincing other people to open their ‘mouth minds’ at the traditional Delicatessen she opened in a small Australian surfing town, where the dominant food trends were deep fried, doughy and white. It was here through her relationships with local growers and cheese makers, that a deep appreciation of each farm to table step formed. As a narrative therapist in Vancouver these days (@squarepegtherapy) conversations about gut health, mood and climate change feature more and more. Climate angst, grief and eco-anxiety present new challenges that need forward thinking solutions.

We believe a conscious connection between plate, people and planet can create meaningful change and a sustainable future.

“Come to the table on alternative proteins. We’re here to welcome you in.”